The ABC Of Being In Charge Of A Nativity

Nativity-PlayAttempt to be ADAPTABLE and select a script with care.
BE PREPARED, and on the day have helpers everywhere!
COSTUMES should be basic; just tunics, waistcoats, wings
And dull clothing for the shepherds, with bright ones for the kings.
Ensure that you DELEGATE; don’t be afraid to ask
Share the work with others; don’t do each and every single job!

Most of all ENJOY yourself; produce some FAMILY FUN;.
You want a FRIENDLY atmosphere, when all is said and done!
For after all, you can not forget the reason for the play:.
To share the GOSPEL GOOD NEWS, and exactly what GOD has to say.
So keep a HAPPY HEART and a HEALTHY attitude,.

Do your very best to ensure that you INCLUDE.
Anybody who ‘d like to be included in the story,.
Making really sure that you offer JESUS all the glory.
Acknowledge him as KING and LORD in everything you say.
And put Him at the center, for it is His special day!

Now, think of the MUSIC, and exactly what songs that you might select.
Will the children sing them? Are there carols you could utilize?
Have you a MUSICIAN, and can they play on the day?
Must they go to rehearsals? Is there another way?
Make NO-ONE all important, for you can never know.
If somebody might be ill … and you can not halt the performance!
So ORGANISE ahead of time, and attempt to be PREPARED.
For all scenarios: make certain the work is shared.

PROPS can be an useful tool to provide the play some flair.
So don’t make all the costumes just about what people put on.
And don’t make the mistake of being desperate for PERFECTION:.
The fun is in the doing, not so much in the correction!
Keep the play quite flexible, so you could QUICKLY change.
Anything that situations make you re-arrange.

Plan REHEARSALS very carefully; how many will you require?
Don’t over-do the workload in your hoping to do well!
In fact, another way would be to choose a SIMPLE SCRIPT;.
No lines to learn, and one for which you’re currently equipped.
Keep in mind SONGS aren’t important, but the atmosphere is great.
If audiences get involved: could they participate?

christmas_nativity_playOr maybe you have unique TALENTS hidden in your cast:.
Perhaps you might find a way to showcase them, at last!
Picture, as the Kings are led to Bethlehem afar,.
The youngest toddler singing “TWINKLE, Twinkle Little Star” (Ah!).
These little moments serve to make your Christmas play UNIQUE,.
And that’s what makes it special, not the fact that it is sleek!

But if you have the aid of prepared VOLUNTEERS at hand.
It’s much less trouble to achieve the things that you have planned.
But clearly WILLING is what everyone must be:.
The soloists and actors have to be willing: that’s the key!
And if you can, find simple ways to add an XTRA in.
So, at a late rehearsal, someone brand-new could be joined in.
Then, remember, that YOU are all important on the day.
So have a back-up plan for if you can not attend the play!

The letter Z; a tricky one; it stands for the end.
So make sure that you’re careful of the message that you send out.
Make sure that you do not leave Jesus sleeping in the hay!
Celebrate Him proudly at the finish of the play.
Perhaps read a bible passage or a poem out.

Summarizing the message of what Christmas is about.
I wish that I have actually been useful: I’ve just one thing left to state.
I really hope that you have a successful Christmas play!

The ABC Of Being In Charge Of A Nativity